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Special Arrangement for
CCC8003 Understanding Morality &
CCC8004 World History and Civilisations
in 2018-19 last offering year



The University had approved a new Core Curriculum structure for implementation in 2018-19 starting at the Year 1 level. The two existing Common Core courses CCC8003 Understanding Morality (CCC8003) and CCC8004 World History and Civilisations (CCC8004) will be offered the last time in 2018-19. In view of the considerable number of students that are required to take either one or both courses as graduation requirement, a special arrangement will be made as outlined below:

Special Arrangement* in 2018-19

Not applicable to students already completed the course.


Before Academic
Advising Period



All students who are required to take CCC8003 and/or CCC8004 will be assigned the course(s) in your study plans on Degree Works that you cannot alter during the Advising Period of 22 Feb to 7 Mar 2018.



Academic Advising Period: 22 Feb - 7 Mar 2018


Application for Changing of Term in 2018-19
[Closed on 8 March 2018]

Unless under very special circumstances with sound justifications and evidence support, students can apply for changing to another term of 2018-19 to take the assigned course.


Students must understand that changing of your own timetables will affect other students, especially senior year students, who will inevitably be forced to take both Common Core courses in one single term.


Upon careful consideration, students can submit your applications^ with sound justifications and evidence support during the Advising Period via the below e-form, subject to the approval of the Director of CCGE on a case-by-case basis:

**No application for changing of term will be accepted after the Advising Period.**



*The above measure was approved by the CCGEC at its meeting of 28 September 2017 in view of the transition of the Core Curriculum structure.


^All applications received via the e-form will be considered and handled on a daily basis. Applicants will receive the result of their applications (successful or unsuccessful) via email before noon of the next working day after submission during the application period.

Dropping the course

Only under exceptional circumstances will the Director of the CCGE consider applications for dropping the course. Sound justifications AND supporting evidence from the Head of Department or Programme Director of the student concerned will be required. Applications can be submitted via email to