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Special Arrangement
for CCC8001 Logic and Critical Thinking in Term 2, 2017-18



The University had approved a new Core Curriculum structure for implementation in 2018-19. The current Common Core course CCC8001 Logic and Critical Thinking (CCC8001) will phase out after 2017-18. In view of the last offering chance of the course in term 2, 2017-18, a special arrangement will be made for the last cohort of students who are required to take the course as graduation requirement.

Special Arrangement* in Term 2, 2017-18

Not applicable to students already completed the course.


Before add/drop



CCC8001 appeared on the timetable (Term 2, 2017-18) of students who are required to take the course.



Add/drop period:
15 - 24 Jan 2018













Restriction from adding and dropping on banner system

During add/drop period, students cannot drop this particular course on the system as the course is last offered and study places are extremely tight. Students are strongly advised to keep the course section as appeared in the timetable and complete the course in the last offering term.


Changing course section with sound justifications
[Closed on 25 Jan 2018]

Under most circumstances, the Director of CCGE will NOT accept cases for changing sections without sound justifications AND evident support. 

For students who can provide clear proofs to justify the need for changing to another section that still has available places, please submit your application via:

All applications will be considered and handled on a daily basis.

Applicants will receive the result of their applications (successful or unsuccessful) via email before noon of the next working day after submission during add/drop period.



*The above measure was approved by the CCGEC at its meeting of 28 September 2017 in view of the transition of the Core Curriculum structure.

Dropping the course

Only under exceptional circumstances will the Director of the CCGE consider applications for dropping the course. Sound justifications AND supporting evidence from the Head of Department or Programme Director of the student concerned will be required. Applications can be submitted via email to





2616-7412 (Ms. Mei Chan)
2616-7414 (Ms. Joey Lee)