The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Credit Transfer/Course Exemption for Core Curriculum Courses

A student who has passed public, professional, or other examinations recognised by the University or has successfully completed a course at an appropriate level offered by the University or another tertiary institution may apply for credit transfer/course exemption.


For Core Curriculum courses, credit transfer/course exemption shall be limited to two common core courses and a maximum of 18 out of 21 credits of cluster courses. Such limit shall apply to approved exchange programmes in accordance with the Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes.


Block Credit Transfer for Graduates from Local Sub-degree Programmes (effective from 2019-20)

For Core Curriculum:

  • 21 credits of the Core Curriculum comprising 6 credits in the Common Core (CCC8011 Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation and CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong) and 15 credits in the cluster courses.


Course-based Credit Transfer

(for exchange students and admitted students not entitled to block credit transfer)


Complying to the Academic Regulations, a student can, on application, be granted exemption if he or she has completed a course in another tertiary institution that

  1. carried the same relative weight in terms of credit in the degree programmes of that institution and
  2. aligned with the goals and objectives of the Core Curriculum and fulfilled the intended learning outcomes of the common core course or the cluster concerned.


Application Procedure:

A student who has clearly considered points 1 & 2 above can approach the course teacher of the relevant Core Curriculum courses with a detailed syllabus of the course taken in another tertiary institution for initial approval of the credit transfer/course exemption. If the request is granted by the course teacher, the student can then submit a formal email to the CCGEO <> for final endorsement.


In case there is no similar cluster course offered by the University, a student may complete the Application Form word pdf and submit it to the CCGEO together with a detailed course syllabus for approval of the Director/Associate Director of Core Curriculum and General Education.


List of past approved credit transfer and course exemption courses for AD/Senior Place Students from Local Institutions can be viewed here as well as Registry intranet.