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Common Core Arrangement 2019-20



Starting from 2019-20 academic year, the new Core Curriculum structure will replace the old one.


As the Senate meeting of 28 May 2018 approved the proposal for “A Structured Common Core Sequence” for implementation starting from the 2018-19 intake, students will be assigned to take the designated Year 1 courses CCC8011 Critical Thinking: Analysis and Argumentation and CCC8012 The Making of Hong Kong in the freshmen year, and be assigned to take the designated Year 2 courses CCC8013 The Process of Science and CCC8014 China in World History in the second year (or the third year for senior intake students starting 2019-20). More details are found here.


In view of the above changes, students are advised to take note of the following measures:
Not applicable to students already completed the course.


Course Registration for Common Core Courses


The approved Structured Common Core Sequence has been put in place since the 2018-19 intake. Students have been assigned to take the required Common Core courses in the designated year of studies.


With concerted effort of various parties, the CCGEO is pleased to inform students and academic staff that from 2019-20 onwards, students with assigned Common Core courses can change the respective CCC tutorial or section online by themselves without the need to apply through the CCGEO as in the previous year. While the CCC courses assigned are “fixed” and cannot be dropped from the time table, students can switch the CCC tutorial or section they prefer subject to real time seat availability shown on the registration system.


A course registration guide for CCC courses and an important message sheet are available on our website for reference of students.


Advising Period - Common Core Courses Assigned to Study Plans


All students who are required to take CCC8011/CCC8012/CCC8013/CCC8014 will be assigned the CCC course(s) in their study plans on DegreeWorks that they cannot alter during the Advising Period of 21 February to 6 March 2019.


The assigning of the courses is made as such to avoid students taking two Common Core courses in one term. Because of the large student number involved, students are strongly advised to adhere to the term they are assigned to take the course(s). Because of the limited study places offered in each term, students must understand that changing of their own timetables will affect other students, especially senior year students, who will inevitably be forced to take two Common Core courses in a single term.


Changing of term to take the CCC course(s) on Study Plans

Upon careful consideration with sound justification, students can apply for changing to another term of 2019-20 to take the assigned CCC course(s) through an individualized email link that will be sent to their email account on 20 Feb 2019. The link will be activated throughout the Advising Period from 21 Feb to 6 Mar 2019. Applicants should pay attention to email notification.


Current Students - Advising Period


20 Feb 2019

Individualized email link sent to students' account

Advising Period
21 Feb - 6 Mar 2019


Students who need to change the TERM for taking the assigned CCC course can apply through the individualized email link.

Email notification will be sent out to acknowledge receipt of applicantion upon submission.

Students MUST still seek academic advisor’s approval of their study plans as per normal practice.

By 26 Mar 2019

All applications for changing term of taking CCC courses will be processed AFTER the Advising Period.

Email notification of application result will be released to the applicants latest by 26 Mar 2019. Upon successful application, the preferred term of taking the CCC courses will be used for class scheduling.


All applications should be supported with sound justifications, subject to the approval of the Director of CCGE on a case-by-case basis. Late application will not be accepted.


Any students required to take Common Core courses but do not have the course(s) in their study plans should approach the CCGEO as soon as possible. For enquiry, please contact us at 2616 7414 or Details and latest information can be found on CCGEO's website: