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The great majority of our staff members are professionally qualified accountants with a wide range of practice and teaching experience. We are extensively involved with various professional and community services. For example, we have served on the Board of Review of the IRO, on several HKICPA functional committees, and as external examiners at several universities and other educational organisations. Our faculty excels in Taxation and Auditing research.

Academic Staff




Tel (852)

Head and Professor

Prof. SU Lixin, Nancy (蘇黎新)



Prof. LIN Zhen Pin, Kenny (林振聘) 2616-8162
Professor of Teaching Prof. SIMMONS, Richard Stanley 2616-8175
Associate Professor of Teaching Prof. LO Wai Yee, Agnes (羅慧儀) 2616-8163
Associate Professor Prof. SHAFER William Eugene 2616-8181

Prof. ZHANG Yue (張玥) 2616-8164
Assistant Professor

Prof. MAO Ying (毛莹) 2616-8167

Prof. WANG Rui, Erik (王睿) 2616-8344
Senior Lecturer

Dr. HAN Peng, Helen (韓鵬) 2616-8184
Research Assistant Professor Dr. GONG Zhaoran, Jason (龔昭然) 2616-8174

Dr. WU Feng, Harry (吳峰) 2616-8177

Part-time Lecturer

Mr. FONG Fu San Christopher (方富申) 2616-8183
Emeritus Professor

Prof. CHAN Koon Hung (陳冠雄) 2616-8161

Administrative Staff

Administrative Officer

Ms. TSANG Pui Yi, Peggy (曾珮兒)


Part-time Assistant Administrative Officer

Ms. TAM Ming Yin, Joly (譚明妍) 2616-8165

Taught Postgraduate Programme - MAcc/PGDA

Associate Director,

Taught Postgraduate Programme Office

Dr. SHI Shan Shan (史珊珊) 2616-8189

MAcc/PGDA Programme Coordinator

Prof. LO Wai Yee, Agnes (羅慧儀) 2616-8163
Assistant Administrative Manager

Ms. LEE Sau Yi, Gloria (李秀儀) 2616-8107
Administrative Officer Ms. XIA Liya, Liea (夏麗雅) 2616-8182
Teaching and Administrative Assistant Ms. XU Yihan, Kelly (徐藝菡) 2616-8212