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List of Faculty/Departmental Representatives on Institutional Surveys

Faculty Dept Faculty/Dept Rep* Post  Email
ARTS CHI Prof. WONG Shuk Han Mary Associate Professor
CUS Prof. IP Iam Chong  Visiting Assistant Professor
ENG Prof. Preet HIRADHAR   Associate Professor of Teaching
HST Prof. Mark HAMPTON  Associate Professor
PHI Prof. CHIU Wai Wai  Associate Professor
TRA Prof. HUI Ting Yan Isaac  Associate Professor
(Dept + Fac Rep)
Prof. Rafael DE CLERCQ  Associate Professor
BUS MKT (Fac Rep) Prof. POON Shing Chung Patrick  Professor of Teaching
SS PSY (Fac Rep) Prof. LUN Miu Chi Vivian  Associate Professor
- GS Prof. WONG Hiu Kan Ada Associate Professor of Teaching and Programme Director
Dr ZHU Yidan Daisy     Research Assistant Professor and Programme Director
Prof. ZHU Yuefeng Alex Research Assistant Professor and Programme Director
- CCGEO Prof. McGINLEY Mark Alan Director of CCGEO and Professor of Teaching & Head, Science Unit
- REG Mr CHAN Chung Kai Roy Administrative Manager
  OSA Ms WONG Lai Chu Connie  Associate Director of Student Affairs
- TLC Dr Peter DUFFY Director of TLC
Dr King CHONG Educational Development Manager