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Academic Staff            
  Prof. Chen Hon Fai  

Professor CHEN Hon-fai
Head and Associate Professor

2616 7127 honfaichen WYL102/1  
  Prof. Mok Ka Ho  

Professor MOK Ka-ho, Joshua
Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy

2616 8288 kahomok AD208  
  Prof. Peter Baehr  

Professor Peter BAEHR
Research Professor in Social Theory

2616 7185 pbaehr WYL209  
  Prof. Roman David  

Professor Roman DAVID

2616 7126 rdavid WYL323  
  Prof. Annie Chan  

Professor CHAN Hau Nung, Annie
Associate Professor

2616 7204 annchan WYL231  
  Prof. Stefan Kuehner  

Professor Stefan KUEHNER
Associate Professor

2616 7197 stefankuehner WYL304  

Prof. Araki Satoshi


Professor Satoshi ARAKI
Assistant Professor

2616 7179 satoshiaraki WYL309  

Prof. Gizem Arat


Professor Gizem ARAT
Assistant Professor

2616 7955 gizemarat WYL211  

Prof. AU YEUNG Tat Chor


Professor AU YEUNG Tat Chor
Assistant Professor

2616 7209 tatchorauyeung WYL230  
  Prof. Jenny Chiu  

Professor CHIU Tuen Yi, Jenny
Assistant Professor

2616 7655 tuenyichiu WYL108  
  Prof. Lynn Tang  

Professor Lynn TANG
Assistant Professor


2616 7188 lynntang WYL319  
  Prof. Ruby Lai  

Professor LAI Yuen Shan, Ruby
Research Assistant Professor


2616 7229 rubylai WYL228  
  Prof. David Phillips  

Professor David R PHILLIPS
Emeritus Professor


Professor Tarani CHANDOLA
Distinguished Adjunct Professor


Professor Kevin McCRACKEN
Honorary Professor


Prof. O'Connor


Professor Paul James O'CONNOR
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Dr. MAO Jie
Associate Programme Director (IMCSP)

2616 7275 mandymao WYL222  

Mr. LEUNG Ho Man, Leo
Part-time Lecturer

2616 7275 leoleung3 WYL222  
Supporting Staff            

WONG Pui-lan, Grace
Senior Administrative Officer

2616 7192 grace WYL102  

WONG Lai-kwan, Ann
Assistant Administrative Officer

2616 7377 annwong3 WYL102  

TSANG Chiuyu
Administrative Officer (IMCSP)

2616 8113 chiuyutsang WYL219  

LEUNG Sze-nga, Cynthia
Administrative Assistant (IMCSP)

2616 7639 cynthialeung WYL219  
Tutor/PhD Students            
      ABREFA BUSIA Kwaku (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7649 WYL104/16  
      ADDAE Evelyn Aboagye 2616 7648 WYL104/12  
      ADJEI Moses 2616 7604 WYL104/4  
      ARTHUR-HOLMES Francis (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7676 WYL104/19  
      CHANDA Patrick (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7227 WYL104/18  
      MUBITA Aurick (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7125 WYL104/5  
      HUSSAIN Rasel (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7658 WYL104/17  
      KABEMBO Ireen Manase 2616 8356 WYL223/3  
      MING Cham Kit, Keith 2616 7123 WYL104/3  
      SAM Sarah Tara 2616 7120 WYL104/9  
      TULIBALEKA Paul Ogwang (HKPFS Awardee) 2616 7372 WYL104/15  
Tutor/MPhil Students            
      LAU Ho Wing, Kayson 2616 7647 WYL104/7  
      NG Yeuk Nam 2616 7121 WYL104/20  

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