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Online Academic Advising from 2 March to 16 March 2020

Online Academic Advising from 2 March to 16 March 2020


With reference to the latest situation in Hong Kong, the schedule of academic advising is re-arranged and it will be held from 2 March to 16 March 2020.  Online Academic Advising will be adopted to replace the face-to-face Academic Advising. A student is required to consult the Academic Adviser via email in this term. Students progressing to study in the academic year 2020-21 should work out their tentative study plans in Planner of DegreeWorks based on the curriculum of their study programmes and seek the Academic Advisers’ approval. The user guidelines including useful features and functions of DegreeWorks are available under the tab “Advising/Auditing” in the Intranet Portal (


Details of online Academic Advising can be found as follows.


  • Each student should input and save the study plan in DegreeWorks and send email to his/her academic advisor for revision of plan.
  • If amendment is needed, the student should revise the study plan accordingly in DegreeWorks and notify his / her academic advisor after amendment.
  • If there is no amendment, the academic advisor can approve the study plan by clicking the “Save Plan” button without input of student's password.