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About Registry

Why Lingnan
Welcome to the Registry

Major Responsibilities of the Registry

  • Responsible for the planning and implementation of all aspects of the University policies concerning academic quality assurance, student admissions (of both local and non-local students), registration, records, assessments, and administration of study programmes
  • Provides administrative and secretarial support to the Senate, most of its standing committees and other boards/groups, and assists the University in the advancement of academic excellence

Congregation and Undergraduate Examinations Section

  • Administrative support for academic development such as the 2019-22 Triennium Planning Exercise
  • Administrative support for student assessment matters and coordination of degree audit exercises and Congregation

Academic Development and Quality Assurance Section

  • Administrative support for academic quality assurance, academic policy/guidelines, approval, review and curriculum administration of undergraduate programmes, including annual and 5-year programme reviews
  • Administrative support to the Senate and for Quality Assurance Audits

Undergraduate Admissions and Records Section

  • Class scheduling, student registration, and course enrolments records, including summer term courses
  • Compilation of related statistics
  • Support for the internationalization of student body initiative (degree-seeking students)
  • Administrative support to facilitate the admissions of local and non-local (overseas and from the Mainland) undergraduate students