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About the Review

Lingnan University Ordinance (Chapter 1165)

Lingnan University is incorporated under a Hong Kong Ordinance - Lingnan University Ordinance (Chapter 1165) (LU Ordinance) which outlines the University’s powers and duties, privileges and constitution. The LU Ordinance can only be amended by resolution of the Legislative Council.


Focus of the Review

As resolved by the Council at its meeting of 21 October 2013, the review of the LU Ordinance would be focused mainly on the student participation in the Council business as stipulated in the LU Ordinance while recommendations on other aspects could be made for Council consideration if deemed appropriate. 


Aspects considered by the Review Panel

The Review Panel had considered in details the views received from the consultation exercise and from various stakeholders on potential aspects of the LU Ordinance for review, inter alia, student participation in the appointment of President and Vice-President, membership of the President of Students’ Union (SU) in the Council in the event of no executive committee of SU, more representatives of various stakeholders in the Council, ratio of internal and external Council Members, proposal for a second Vice-President, size of the Council, and others.


Recommendations of the Review Panel

The Council endorsed the following recommendations of the Review Panel:

(i) To legitimize the role of the student Council Member(s) in the appointment of the President and Vice-President;
(ii) To add a postgraduate student representative in the Council;
(iii) To add a second Vice-President to strengthen the University’s management team; and
(iv) If and when the proposed addition of second Vice-President is to be adopted by the Council, the section 15(4) of the LU Ordinance could be revised as “The Council may also, in consultation with the Court, appoint not more than three Vice-Presidents to assist the President.” taking reference from similar stipulations in the Ordinances of the UGC-funded institutions.

The Review Panel has worked out the proposed amendments of the respective provisions of the LU Ordinance based on its recommendations as endorsed by the Council.  It is in the process of seeking advice from the Government on matters relating to the proposed amendments.  In addition, the possibility of the establishment of LU convocation would be further explored by taking into account views of various stakeholders and recommendation as appropriate would be presented to the Council for further deliberation in due course.