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Hong Kong's First Associate Degree Programme of Visual Arts (Full-Time / Part-Time) Jointly Organized by Lingnan University & Hong Kong Arts Centre

17 Jun 2002

Hong Kong, 17 June 2002 - Creativity changes our lives. One of the most effective ways to develop creativity is through arts education. Lingnan University and The Art School of Hong Kong Arts Centre are proud to introduce a jointly managed Associate of Visual Arts in Fine Arts or Applied Arts Programme. (Full-time mode for both Streams, with an additional part-time mode for the Applied Arts Stream). The first Associate Degree Programme with concentration on Visual Arts available in Hong Kong, it is designed to provide both academic and practical training for those who want to develop their creative mind and to nurture their aesthetic sensitivity, communication ability and cultural awareness via professional arts education.

Both full-time and part-time programmes can be completed within 2 years with an achievement of 62 credits of study. All courses are taught with a modular approach in small classes (please refer to "Programme Structures" as attached on page 3). The Fine Arts Stream is designed to assist students to build up a sturdy foundation in artistic skills and related knowledge so as to understand human experience through arts, to enrich aesthetic experience in life, and to transmit cultural values. It also helps students to nurture creativity and innovative power for further artistic development. Upon graduation, they will be equipped to be independent and self-directed learners in arts. The Applied Arts Stream aims at sharpening students' perceptual, communication, analytical and conceptual abilities. They will learn to apply creativity and innovation via different problem solving activities from studio study to participation in real projects.

At the signing ceremony held on 17 June 2002, Professor Chan Tsang-sing, Associate Vice-President & Academic Dean (Business Studies) of Lingnan University said, "Hong Kong's education system does not sufficiently value arts education, in particular at post-secondary level. To promote whole-person education, it is crucial to strengthen the imaginative power and aesthetic appreciation level of local students via arts education. This is also an effective way to raise their social and cultural awareness in their everyday lives. Hong Kong Arts Centre is a reputable organization offering comprehensive, lifelong and life-wide arts and culture education programmes with academic progression opportunities. We are therefore pleased to have this opportunity to collaborate with The Art School of the Arts Centre to offer the first Associate Degree Programme of Visual Arts in Hong Kong. Upon completion of the programme, graduates may choose to further their study on the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) Programme offered by The Art School."

Mr. Irving Koo, Chairman of The Art School Council, Hong Kong Arts Centre, said, "We believe arts can raise community awareness of the importance of creativity, plurality and the spirit of exploration. The provision of high quality arts education programmes is therefore an effective means to add value to our society. This among other things helps to enhance Hong Kong's position as an artistically vibrant city. The joint Lingnan University/Hong Kong Arts Centre programme emphasizes critical thinking, creativity and artistic development among students, enabling them to respond to the changing needs of the society."

Interested parties who fulfill either one of the following entry requirements can apply for this programme:
I) Satisfactory completion of Form 6, plus Grade E or above in at least five subjects in HKCEE, including Chinese and English (Syllabus B) {or Grade C or above for Syllabus A}, and the total of these five subjects is not less than 10 points or an equivalent qualification; or
II) Obtained a recognized Pre-Associate Degree Certificate; or
III) Age 23 or above with satisfactory level of academic achievements; or
IV) Satisfactory completion of Hong Kong A-Level Examination.

Tuition fee is HK$50,000 per year for full-time mode and HK$42,000 for part-time mode. Courses will commence in September 2002. Interested parties may contact Ms. Veronica Li and Mr Edmond Yeung of the Office of Associate Degree Programmes regarding the full-time programme at 2616-8274. For enquiries on part-time programmes, please contact Ms. Fiona Cheung of Lingnan Institute of Further Education at 2616-8229.