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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI)

Support Fund for 2020 Graduates

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Support Fund for 2020 Graduates - Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative


In response to the adverse economy and rising unemployment rate, LEI proposes to introduce a series of new programmes to provide immediate support to 2020 graduates. These new LEI programmes are designed to empower 55 graduates to explore alternative career opportunities, gain practical work experience, and exercise workplace leadership. Short term goals include:

  • nurturing 2020 graduates to develop businesses and self-employment opportunities
  • engaging 2020 graduates in joint-incubation programmes
  • engaging 2020 graduates in global innovation and entrepreneurship competitions
  • offering 2020 graduates startup or office internship

The goal is to engage graduates with meaningful innovation and entrepreneurship challenges during the job-seeking period. Graduates will also gain employer-appreciated experience that would elevate their employability when the economy rebounds.


LEI Programmes

LEI will make full use of its I&E network to offer five types of services: (1) Business Ready Opportunities, (2) Joint Governmental Incubation Programmes, (3) Joint Private Incubation Programmes, (4) Competitions and (5) Internship.

  1. Provide business ready projects (such as commercializing UV light project) for students to set up new startups or social enterprises
  2. Develop Joint-incubation programme with HKSTP and Cyberport to shoot for startup funds
  3. Bring in business elites from established co-working spaces to provide intensive coaching and hands-on support for graduates to develop their business ideas
  4. Mentor student groups to engage in major local and global competitions and funding applications (e.g. ITF, Bill and Melinda Gate Foundations, etc.)
  5. Provide part-time internship programmes in startups and offices



These programmes will benefit students in one or more of the following ways:

  • Become self-employed in the process
  • Gain work experience in office or startups
  • Acquire demonstrable problem solving and leadership skills
  • Enrich CV with award recognitions
  • Successful participants will receive HK$8000/month for a maximum of 6 months



Graduate internship and short-term employment Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Incubation Programme
Cyberport Incubation Programme
Co-working space Programme (Eg. The Desk and Dream Impact)
Start-up Internship (Eg. HobbyHK and HOMM Fintech Company Limited)
Start-up business / Entrepreneurship Provide business ready projects (such as commercializing UV light project) for students to set up new startups or social enterprises
Develop and run your own startup/business
Graduates training, skill enhancement, and mentorship support Global Competition Programmes



For more information and show interest, please contact our NINJAs.

Nick (2616 8072) or
Fung (2616 8061) or 
Jessica (2616 8063) or