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Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies (from 2019-20)

The Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies, administered by the Department of Cultural Studies, is an interdisciplinary Minor involving courses from four programmes in the University: Cultural Studies, History, Sociology and Translation.

The Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies addresses emerging issues in formations of gendered subjects and sexual subjectivities. New forms of gender identities and new patterns of intimacies have emerged in today’s globalised world. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, this minor aims to provide an overview on major theoretical transformations within gender and sexuality studies, and to examine cultural politics within historical writings, media representations and literary texts. Upon completion of the Minor, students are expected to be able to address and analyse critical issues of gender and sexualities and to account for some of the broader impacts of gender and sexual subjectivities in our everyday life.

All undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies are required to complete five courses (15 credits) as detailed below:

Required Course (3 credits)

CUS3215 Gender and Cultural Politics

Elective Courses (12 credits)
(Choose 4 courses, at least 1 course from each of the 2 groups listed below.)

Gender and Sexuality in Cultural Politics

CLE9026 The Everyday Culture of the Web
CLE9028 Sexual Cultures in Asia
CUS3004 Media, Gender, and Sexuality (from 2019-20)
CUS3014 Sexuality and Cultural Politics (titled as Sexuality Studies in 2018-19 or before)
CUS3132 Gender and Sexuality in Comparative Perspective (titled as Cultural Transformation in Modern China in 2018-19 or before)
CUS3309 Film, Gender & Sexuality (titled as Film and Cinema Studies in 2018-19 or before)
CUS3350 Power and Body in Performing Arts (titled as Power and Body in the Performing Arts in 2018-19 or before)

Gender and Sexuality

ENG3003 Language, Gender and Sexuality
HST3008 Gender and Sexuality in History
HST3010 Gender and Religion in History
HST3256 Critical Intersections in U.S. History since 1865: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality (titled as History of the United States since 1865 in 2018-19 or before)
HST4006 Gender and the British Empire
SOC4002 Gender and Society
TRA3221 Topics in Bilingual Studies: Love in Chinese and Western Literatures
TRA4307 Gender, Language and Translation